Bienvenue !

Bienvenue sur mon site dédié à la photographie animalière. Vous pouvez trouver mes meilleures images dans le Portfolio, mes récits de voyage dans la section Blog, mes publications et des news me concernant.

Welcome on my website dedicated to wildlife photography. You can find my best pictures in the Portfolio, my travel stories in the Blog, my publications and related news updates.

Retrouvez mes dernières publications et mon livre « Monde Animal » toujours à la vente.

Retrouvez la section Blog et l’ensemble de mes voyages

Articles récents:

2019.05 Welcome to tiger heaven!

Bandhavgarh is a name of an Indian park I had high in my bucket list and was keen on discovering. It is located in the state of Madhya Pradesh, central India (relatively more in the North). The park recently had a good number of cubs and a family of 3 or 4 tigers is always…

2016.01 Looking for the rare Iberian lynx

In January 2016, I went to Spain with my father Marc. More precisely, we went to the Sierra de Andujar mountains to try to get a glimpse of the rare Iberian lynx. This medium sized cats, which is a different species than the boreal lynx, was close to get extinct but some conservation programmes managed…

2015.10 Reaching the last frontier!

07th September 2017 Alaska is often called the last frontier. It is a very wild place with very few people and this is even more true in the North at Kaktovik (70° North). Kaktovik is one of the top places in the World where to see the « great traveller » Nanuk that is to say the…

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